About Us

InteractiveMD is an affordable solution to the challenge of healthcare access. We provide our users with round-the-clock access to licensed physicians via phone, video or secure email. Regardless of your location, you can connect with a doctor in real-time for the treatment or diagnosis of common conditions.

Our Mission

One of the greatest challenges we face as a modern society is to make high-quality healthcare available to all who need it. Governments and health organizations all over the world are grappling with how to expand the breadth of coverage beyond its current limits while simultaneously reducing costs and inefficiencies. The obstacles are many, but recent advances in information and communication technologies have created new opportunities, such as those presented by telehealth, for expanding and improving the delivery of healthcare.

At InteractiveMD, our mission is to harness the power of technology to improve the lives of the millions of people who are facing challenges to affordable healthcare access, or who are seeking more convenient healthcare delivery. By providing on-demand, remote access to qualified healthcare professionals, we empower people to take better control over their personal health management and start living healthier lives. Our belief is that everyone should have the highest quality of care available, whenever they need it.

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