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Going Above and Beyond: Robust Telehealth Solutions Fill Gaps in Care, Reduce Hospital Readmissions and Cut Costs - BeckersHospitalReview.com

Hospital readmissions are a major, but avoidable, cost in the U.S. healthcare system, estimated at $25 billion annually.

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Hi-tech house calls – MyFoxTampaBay.com

Long forgotten house calls from doctors are about to make a hi-tech comeback. Some say a webcam and the web connection are all that's needed to get you personalized medical care, at a much cheaper prices...

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Make doctor visits by smart phone or webcam – Sun-Sentinel.com

Your smart phone is now a doctor's office. And before long, you may be checking your blood pressure, heart rate and throat at home while a physician watches online...

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InteractiveMD launches the telehealth era – SmartPlanet.com

With today’s launch of InteractiveMD’s consumer service, the telehealth era has begun in earnest...

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Interactive MD of Boca Raton offers videoconferencing between doctors and patients – PalmBeachPost.com

Doctor visits are getting a technological makeover at InteractiveMD, a Boca Raton-based company that is introducing video conferencing to its online medical consulting business....

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InteractiveMD Adds Video to EMRs Within its Telehealth Offering – eWEEK.com

InteractiveMD, a telehealth provider, is preparing to launch a video conferencing upgrade to its 24-hour telemedicine platform on Aug. 18 that allows doctors to conduct live video examinations remotely and on demand...

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Dr. Kevin Friedman Joins National Telehealth Organization As Medical Director – Healthcare Technology Online

Telemedicine Consulting Network, service provider to InteractiveMD, a leading telehealth company that provides round-the-clock remote access to licensed physicians, announced recently that Kevin Friedman, DO, will join the company as Medical Director...

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Doctors Make Virtual House Calls - JustNews.com, ABC Affiliate

According to the American Medical Association, up to 70 percent of doctor office visits and 40 percent of emergency room visits are unnecessary. "This is an area where telemedicine and Web-based health care could make a huge difference..."

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Press Releases

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InteractiveMD Launching New Online Platform to Provide Remote Doctor Visits Through Videoconference

On-demand telehealth company performs live demonstration of videoconferencing and previews diagnostic tools and mobile functionality to promote August 18th launch in 19 states.

Boca Raton, FL August 17, 2010 -- InteractiveMD (http://www.interactivemd.com), a leading telehealth company that provides round-the-clock, remote access to licensed physicians, announced today the launch of their new videoconferencing technology. The new robust functionality is being rolled out to patients in 19 states across the nation, allowing them to see and consult with their physician in real-time. By creating a virtual patient experience that closely resembles an in-person consultation, InteractiveMD widens the range of health issues that can be diagnosed and treated remotely.

InteractiveMD executiveds performed a live demonstration of the platform earlier this month on WCIU Chicago’s morning news show, demonstrating how easy it is for patients to use. “Our goal is to enable people to take more effective control of their health and live better lives by harnessing the power of technology while respecting the traditions of medicine,” said Ghen Sugimoto, Vice President of InteractiveMD during the demo. “We’re thrilled to unveil our new and exciting healthcare delivery method to the first 19 states this week. The platform will launch in all other states over the remainder of 2010.”

In addition to showcasing video capabilities, Mr. Sugimoto provided a glimpse into InteractiveMD’s future initiatives. “Today we treat common conditions that the physician can treat based on medical history, a series of questions, uploaded images, and now a live video stream.” Sugimoto then unveiled a selection of USB/BlueTooth enabled medical devices that will soon integrate into the platform, including a digital stethoscope and otoscope. “But in the not too distant future we’ll have tools that will allow you to actually transmit your vital signs into the platform. Our R&D team is also making significant progress on mobile technology that will allow the patients to video conference through the platform on their mobile phones.”

InteractiveMD will make live video consultations available on the new platform on August 18th, utilizing a national network of licensed physicians thoroughly trained on the system. Doctors will meet face-to-face with patients on-screen to answer medical questions, diagnose conditions, recommend treatment, and – if medically necessary – e-prescribe medication or order blood tests. Emphasizing how InteractiveMD now provides the perfect complement to traditional care, Dr. Friedman, Medical Director, stated, “You have your primary care doctor, but during after-hours, on weekends, on vacation, or anytime you can’t access that doctor, you can simply log on to our system 24/7 and connect with a physician licensed in your state at your convenience.”

About InteractiveMD

InteractiveMD is a leading telehealth company that provides patients with the convenience of round-the-clock access to licensed physicians via live videoconference, telephone, and secure email. The revolutionary platform expands and improves the delivery of healthcare while simultaneously reducing costs and overcoming barriers to care. Regardless of location, a member can connect with a network of licensed physicians in real-time for the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of common conditions. The company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the iCan Group and is based in Boca Raton, Florida and can be found on the web at: http://www.InteractiveMD.com or by calling 1-888-866-7909.

InteractiveMD Demonstrates New Video-Powered Telehealth Platform on Chicago Morning News Show Prior to National Launch

On-demand telehealth company performs live demonstration of videoconferencing and previews diagnostic tools on WCIU-TV’s “You & Me This Morning” (PRWeb July 29, 2010)

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Leading Telehealth Company Names Dr. Kevin Friedman as Medical Director

Appointment of Dr. Friedman underscores InteractiveMD’s commitment to innovation and quality in telehealth. (PRWeb July 15, 2010)

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InteractiveMD Demonstrates Online Doctor Consultation for a Local ABC Affiliate

InteractiveMD, an on-demand telehealth company, debuts videoconferencing technology for their telehealth platform on WPLG Local 10, an ABC News affiliate. (PRWeb Apr 12, 2010)

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Media Materials

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Fact Sheet Industry Information About iMD


Our strong, experienced executive leadership team is focused on executing InteractiveMD’s vision and guiding the direction of the telehealth field.

InteractiveMD’s Leadership Team

Stephen Tucker
Stephen Tucker
Chief Executive Officer, InteractiveMD

As Chief Executive Officer, Stephen Tucker is responsible for aligning the company, internally and externally, with its strategic vision by planning, directing and controlling high-level operations.

Mr. Tucker’s leadership philosophy and professional experience mirror InteractiveMD’s mission — combining quality care with technology to improve lives and lifestyles. His ability to motivate and see ahead of the curve has been instrumental to his personal success and the company’s rapid growth. He is a founder of a leading national insurance operation that specializes in sales, marketing, benefit aggregation, and policy administration. Previously, Mr. Tucker was Vice President of Marketing for ADCAHB, the nation’s largest BC/BS agency group where he managed marketing, technology, commissions, agent and customer services and market development. He maintains his insurance licenses in both Florida and Georgia.

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Sam Shatz
Sam Shatz
President & Chief Operating Officer, InteractiveMD

As President and Chief Operating Officer, Sam Shatz is responsible for the efficiency and refinement of InteractiveMD's day-to-day operations.

He is also responsible for strengthening the company's culture of innovation, expanding the company into new markets, and extending its product portfolio. He is a founder of a leading national insurance operation that specializes in sales, marketing, benefit aggregation, and policy administration. Prior to InteractiveMD, Mr. Shatz launched an apparel company, Loring & Tremont, which generated annual sales in excess of $10 million. He is a licensed Florida health insurance agent.

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Harold Shatz
Harold Shatz
Co-Founder and Chairman, InteractiveMD

As Chairman, Harold Shatz is responsible in part for the oversight and analysis of the company vision, including project planning, sales, market research, and product development.

He works closely with the other members of the executive team to drive sustainable development, and he plays an integral role in molding and shaping the company’s vision for addressing the health care needs of its members. He is a founder of a leading national insurance operation that specializes in sales, marketing, benefit aggregation, and policy administration. Previously, Mr. Shatz founded and developed a $50 million sales and marketing organization. He maintains an active Florida insurance license.

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