Telehealth Service - How it Works

If you're tired of sitting in waiting rooms, or if your schedule's just too hectic, InteractiveMD's telehealth service is a simple, affordable alternative for your everyday healthcare needs. From our intuitive scheduling and consultation interface to our auto-synchronization with your electronic health records, we've built a healthcare delivery system that's focused on access, value and convenience.

To get started with our telehealth service, simply follow these steps and you'll be connected to a licensed doctor in just a few minutes.

Step 1 We offer a range of plans for individuals, couples and families.
Step 2 Once you’ve selected a telehealth plan, we’ll need to collect some information from you to establish your account and health history. It's fast, easy, and after the short process is complete, we'll have you on record permanently.
Step 3 We offer on-demand, real-time telehealth services for access to licensed physicians via video conference or phone. Our user-friendly online patient dashboard gives you all the tools you need to schedule an appointment in minutes, or you can always speak with a friendly member service representative by phone.

That's all there is to it! Keep in mind that each of your consultations will be recorded and saved to your personal health record online, ensuring proper documentation, transferability, and continuity of care. Each time you log in, you’ll have complete access to detailed records of all your physician encounters.

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