Live Video Consultations

Live video consultations are the most effective way to diagnose and treat illnesses from a distance. That’s why InteractiveMD has made them an integral part of our telehealth solution. Our platform combines high quality video, advanced audio, and secure data transmission to effectively simulate in-person consultations.

Live video consultations are the future of healthcare, and they're here now at InteractiveMD.

System & Hardware Requirements

To engage in live video consultations, you need to be equipped with the right hardware and connection. Minimum requirements include:

That's all you need to connect with a physician face-to-face from anywhere. For technical assistance with hardware setup and configuration, please login and visit the schedule center where you can access our support system, or call member services at 1-888-866-7909.

If you do not meet the necessary hardware or software requirements, we encourage you to consult with our licensed physicians over the phone. Simply call 1-888-866-7909 and have your Member ID number ready. If you are not yet a member you will be prompted to sign up and create an account.

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